Well, I got the date of the IF Comp wrong twice.

First, I was sure it ended at the end of October. I realised I was wrong in early September, and wrote an obscene amount in order to get it in on time.

I was so sure it was 30 September. I even thought I might get some extra hours of testing in, due to being in Australia. But… I think you know how this story ends.

So I won’t be entering this year, which of course means I can judge. But I can’t get into the secret author-only forum, which is the best part of this whole wild roller-coaster of a contest.

Dagnammit and zooterkins!

Ah well. I can sell the story as a Hosted Game, so it’s going to do just fine. It’s kind of fun to emerge blinking back into the land of the living to find I have a rather good finished game on my hands. So that’s nice.

And now that I’ve utterly failed to enter the 2019 comp, I can reveal my amazingly subtle and cunning disguise… for I am not the dewy-eyed newbie Louise Curtis, but the steely-eyed pirate queen FELICITY BANKS!

Mwa hahahahahahaha!

(I was a bit uncomfortable submitting in ChoiceScript as I know CS fans get a bit rabidly enthusiastic sometimes, so I was trying real hard to be stealthy. It’s… not my forte, to be honest.)

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That’s unfortunate! But good that the game will see the light of day anyway. (I have entered a ChoiceScript game myself, though that is of no comfort to you now.)

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Nuuuuuuuu! I’m always terrified of that happening!

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I think I planned to enter Alias ‘The Magpie’ every year since 2011. The sound of deadlines whooshing by, and all that. Could it not go into Spring Thing, Felicity?


It could, but honestly the main reason I want to enter IF Comp is the secret author-only clubhouse. Which is probably why I don’t feel too bad about accidentally missing the deadline. And I’m too impatient to wait for 2020.


I was terrified of the same thing.

This is my first year entering. And I was terrified of missing the deadline. With all the time zones involved… :slight_smile:

So I actually uploaded a version on the 27th already, only to update it the next day with a final batch of bugfixes. But I think I would have been just too nervous without doing it this way.


don’t worry. Your game now has a super-interesting story associated with it. I wanna play it when it comes out.


I will definitely welcome any and all pity buys I get :slight_smile:

I’m gonna use the sudden lack of deadline to write another couple of chapters.

(I have a new game out right now, actually; a cozy mystery with some magic thrown in, called DEATH AT THE RECTORY. A writing retreat goes horribly wrong when one of the writers is murdered and all the rest become suspects. The murderer changes from play-through to play-through. It just received my new favourite review: “This game is nothing but more Libtard propaganda from Hosted Games. Buy it if you have less than four brain cells but expect to lose those too.”)