Offline graphic IFs (not AGT)

I’ve found quite a few online themed graphic IFs, but I can’t find any good offline ones, for instance Alice In Wonderland has a some online games (both IF and point and click).
There’s even the 2010 AGT game Alice.
There’s a tads game of the same name (1998), but it’s stuck at v1.0a (I imagine that stands for alpha).

Where can I find a themed graphic IF for html-tads, blorb (for Windows), or inform#?

I know you have a history for getting your facts completely wrong with complete boldness, but man, where did you get “2010” for the AGT Alice?

I can’t find it again right now, but the name of it was “Alice In Wonderland” not Alice.
I don’t think it’s copying the movie by Tim Burton, but it would make more sense if it was.

By the way, there’s an Apple ap that has a whole Wonderland series for itunes.