off topic- anyone want to buy my MST3k collection?

I’m selling my MST3k collection! I have 155+ episodes (that’s like 85% or so of ALL the episodes they made), all on VHS. Qualities vary, of course, some are the official Rhino series (so that quality is perfect), AND I also have the entire KTMA series! That’s when they were on public access, before they had the official series on Comedy Central. I also have MST3k The Movie. So if you’re a hardcore MST3k fan, and you always wanted a huge collection of their episodes, then you’re gonna wanna talk to me soon!

If you happen to have the first four KTMA episodes it is your duty - your DUTY, citizen! - to upload them for all the net to see and download.

Just kidding. But by the way, DO you have the first four KTMA episodes?

EDIT - Incidently, Gomez Adams had two watches, and he seemed to always know the time.

i will double-check, but im also certain i have ALL the KTMA episodes.

Man… if you have those episodes, do you have any idea how much they’d be worth to a MST3K collector?

thats why ive posted this on a buncha forums where i believe they may be of some interest, lol. im willing to sell piece-meal.

my brother was an insane collector of everything including mst3k episodes. then he gets bored and wants to make room for more crap to collect, so he passed the collection onto me, and i nursed it and added to it. the ktma’s were in his original collection which he got from some dood in canada of all places.

ive had it for years, but right now, i need its worth more than i need the collection. plus ive seen each episode so many times, ive memorized them. :ugeek:

I hope whoever ends up owning it streams it onto the net pronto. :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:

true, they are a collectors item, but also true= they suck. i know im getting boo’d right now, but even the cast says they suck. they were just cutting their teeth and didnt script anything.

To a collector it still has great value. :wink: I’m watching all the Chaplin films right now, and while it’s true that there’s a lot of stuff that just isn’t worth seeing today, it’s important to watch how he gradually built up his character - the very first Tramp has a much more aggressive feel than the latest tenderness-inspiring little fellow.

Similarly, I’m sure that those episodes just aren’t much fun. There were others in that season that weren’t. But it’s important to see how they evolved past that.

…well, I think it’s important anyway.

oh i def agree. im just saying, for entertainment value, meh, but yeah for nostalgia and history, def!