Oddity with takeable object as a supporter...

I created a takeable object as a supporter–so I can put something on it. This object happens to be a ticking timebomb. I made it a portable supporter so I can put a piece of duct tape on it. While creating the timebomb, I include an Every turn rule, so that I hear the timer on the bomb tick every once in a while, not at every turn, but randomly–I put it like this–

Every turn while the player is in the location of the interesting lead pipe: say "[one of]The ticking sound gives you a somewhat ominous feeling...[or][or][at random]"
No problem.
Now, long after I had completed that phase of the game–creating the sequence where I find the bomb, with the timer ticking, run it to place where I actually want it to explode etc etc testing all possible sequences and outcomes, then moving on to another phase of creation, I am now testing the next phase, and come to find out, whenever I sit or lay on something, I hear the bomb ticking, whether it is actually present or not.
Why does this happen? Does it have to do with the bomb(really the interesting lead pipe) being a supporter? Does being ‘on’ something put me in the location of the pipe?
I ‘solved’ this problem by changing the rule like so–

Every turn while the player can see the interesting lead pipe:

However, what if both pipe/bomb and I are both in a dark room? There are only a few dark rooms so far in my game, but I want to allow for the player to be in a dark room, trying to find out where to put it.
I also found another way to ‘solve’ the problem–I instead referred to something that is a part of the bomb–and not a supporter–

Every turn while the player is in the location of the kitchen timer:

This seemed to work well–until I sat on something. Then I did not hear the ticker at all.
How can I solve this problem so the player can hear the timer regardless of location or status, if the player is in the same room as the bomb…??

To check if two things share a location, ask whether “the location of the player is the location of the pipe”. Or “if the pipe is enclosed by the location”.

Thanks again Daniel—your first suggestion worked. I tested it in every possible case.