Odd problem in Twine <<choice>> macro.

After reading through the online instructions and doing a little test work with Twine, I’ve making a “cheat sheet” for the various Twine commands – something I can print out as a reference. In doing so, I’ve stumbled on something that seems odd.

In trying out the “choice” command from here:

I tried to add a choice that uses an alternate label. Rather than this:
<<choice “Dining alone”>>

I’m attempting this:
<<choice “Dining alone” “Decline”>>

This gives a warning icon on the passage box. Yet it still builds and runs. The documentation says that “choice” doesn’t make sense in the Sugercane format, which I understand. But it appears to not work at all (where the documentation says it’ll just make a normal link). The links don’t appear at all in the Sugercane format, but they appear and work with Jonah.

This happens whether I use alternate label text or not, although without the alternate text, the warning icon goes away.

I’ve tried various other alternate texts and passage titles, including exactly what’s on the site, but it seems to happen no matter what. Anybody else seeing that? I’m on the latest version of Twine, presumably. I downloaded it today.