Obtaining Infocom games and necessary feelies

I think this is the kind of self-promotion we can overlook :wink:

Wait, we don’t have rules against self-promotion here, right? Code of Conduct, Terms of Service. Some of the competitions do, trying to avoid turning into straight popularity contests. If you do a drive-by promotion without any other community participation, you may get flak (or probably just ignored), but otherwise…

(sorry to continue derailing the thread, but I thought someone should point this out)


Where could these blorbs be found? (This is for future projects of mine.) Also, I don’t know how they got Beyond Zork’s map and separate windows on a V5.



I prefer Windows Frotz for fussy Infocom stuff.

So far as blorbs go: same file name, same location. You may need to fiddle with the interpreter setting to get what you’re looking for. Note that some games are expecting a specific screen resolution, so be aware when resizing windows.


There is nothing wrong with the promotion of IF events. In fact, I’d suggest you put it on the events page.