Objectify all the people. Then tell the player about it.

if i use “x DUDE’s face” it says “that’s pretty” and i can’t replace that with the attractiveness report of the noun. :frowning: it sometimes compiles but then it crashes when i try to x a face.


turns out “regarding the noun” would look at the face, not the actor whose face it is. so … yeah. i cheated my way around it. if there’s any way to honestly fix that, let me know!

I’m not sure I follow. In my first post in this thread I addressed that.

yes, peter, and it works when i do the attractiveness report - but when i examine the face, the “face” is the “noun” and the face doesn’t share the gender of the actor. so it goes neutral, “that”/“it”.

… oh wait is that…


i’ll try that new code when i get home. :slight_smile: