Object removal and Movement conditions

Hi, all. Just got started with I7 and am looking to make a few conditions for leaving a room in an example program I just started. What it boils down to is the PC is trapped in a room. To leave the room, the PC must manipulate an object in a way that removes it from the game world. I cannot, however, figure out how to configure conditions on leaving a room or removing an object from the game.

I can hear you now, “Damn newbie!” Any help is appreciated. Below is the sample code that I came up with for this exercise. Using real life to inspire this, I developed it as someone in a cubicle that can’t leave until the presentation is sent.

I know that the last bit is probably unneeded, but it was the best way I could think of keeping the PC contained until I puzzle this out. Thanks.


I should have also included that I know how to create the new action “sending”. All I need help on is removing the presentation from the game after it is sent and creating the conditions that prevent the PC leaving the room until the presentation is “sent”/removed from the game.


OK, I found the problem with removing the object. Darn punctuation problems. Hard to tell the difference between a comma and a full stop on a netbook when I don’t have my glasses. :smiley:

Still trying to figure out the condition release, though.


You were actually quite close with the last bit. You’ll just have to add the condition when (and where) it’s not allowed to go west.

Instead of going west from the cubicle when the location of the presentation is the cubicle: say "Can't leave until the presentation is sent."

Woot! That is the trick! Thanks!


This has to do with forcing movement, so I am just going to put it at the end of this one rather than start a new thread.

During the beginning of my WIP, I have a point where the action can go one of two directions, depending on a yes or no response. The answer given determines where the next available area is, and I want the answer to transport the PC to that area without interim movement inputs. So basically, from where the PC is, if they answer yes, there is narrative, then the PC is in a nightclub, if they say no, a different piece of narrative, then the PC is in its apartment.

I already have the consent rules down, but I don’t know how to set the consent rule to force a room change. Can anyone help me with this?


“now the player is in the nightclub”. If the problem is that you’ve tried this and it doesn’t work, we’ll need to see the code you have so far.

Ok, here is the code. For brevity, I abbreviated the narration, but the problem I am encountering now is that the entire thing compiles, but when I reach this area, a “yes” or “no” is met with the standard “that was a rhetorical question.”

[code]The Break Area is a room. The Break Area is east of the Exterior.“A small area…Are you coming?’”
If the player consents now the player is in Red Devil Doors;
otherwise the player is in Apartment.

The Red Devil Doors is a room.

The Apartment is a room.[/code]

I have tried putting a “When Break Area is entered:” clause in there, but that caused the entire thing to not compile, telling me that “when” is old syntax for a rule starting when an event takes place, informs me that the new syntax is to start with “at” or “to” both of which either prevent me from compiling, or have no effect when I reach this point in the code.


The issue is that your if statement isn’t really occuring in any specific circumstance.


After looking in the Break Area:
	If the player consents, now the player is in Red Devil Doors; [don't forget the comma after the if statement]
	otherwise now the player is in the Apartment.


After going to the Break Area for the first time:
	Try looking; [don't override printing the room description]
	If the player consents, move the player to Red Devil Doors;
	otherwise move the player to the Apartment.

And possibly there’s a better place to put it than either of these, depending on the circumstances (I’m still just learning I7 myself).

Excellent! You guys rock! Not sure if it is possible, but is there any way to change the response when someone tries leaving to anything other that “Please answer yes or no>”?


You can use the extensions Default Messages or Custom Library Messages, both by David Fisher.

[code]Include Default Messages by David Fisher.

Table of custom library messages (continued)
Message Id Message Text
LibMsg “‘Yes’ or ‘no’ are the only options at the moment.”[/code]