NYC/DC Travel

So I’m taking my eldest to some baseball games in NYC, DC, and Baltimore over Memorial Day weekend and still have a couple of “holes” in our plans.

First, I need help figuring out the best/most efficient/least expensive way to get from Manhattan to DC, leaving around 7-8am and being able to make it to a 1:35 Nationals baseball game. Rental cars are nearly $225 with tax and the train is $276 for the two of us. Seems pricey to me, so thought there might be a sneakier solution. Maybe take a shorter train into Jersey and then rent a car or something. If I can get a cheaper car, I’d like to keep it until we leave Tuesday afternoon.

Hotel to stay at in DC that’s reasonably safe and convenient to the Nationals Park, Camden Yards, and seeing the Capital.

Appreciate the help and if anyone wants to meet up Friday night in NYC, we’ll be free for dinner or whatever.

Oops. I misread the Amtrak pricing. It’s $138 for two, so that’s a no-brainer.

Still figuring out the hotel thing.

Hotel booked. I guess that was easier than I thought.

So I missed this until now, but I would have recommended the Tripper bus. I think it’s $25 per person, and I’ve always had a good experience on it.

If you have DC questions, send them my way. I know the city fairly well. Lived here my whole life. Just PM me.