Numbers to words

Does I7 have a function to convert a number to its word i.e. 1 to one, 2 to two, 3 to three and so on?

Yup, “say 23 in words” etc. (see ch. 5.4).

I’ve been wondering if this is a bug:

The Cinema is a room. "[7 in words] Brides for Seven Brothers."

Trying 7 in words in sentence case won’t compile unfortunately.

This is a case where you need indexed text:

"[7 in capitalized words] Brides for Seven Brothers."

To say (N - number) in capitalized words:
	let result be an indexed text;
	now result is "[N in words]";
	say result in sentence case.

EDIT-ADD: Title case would be more appropriate here, actually.

Thanks, obviously when you know how.