Number of Rows in a Table

Howdy, been a while since Ive been on Forum. Still writing in Inform and came up on a table issue for the first time.
Question - Is there a maximum number of rows a table can have?

My problem is when I fill a table with more than ten rows and then try to call or change data in any row past ten, such as:

if the flag in row thirteen of the Table of Region Locs is 0:

I get a runtime error stating I am trying to search a table row that does not exist. I make a new table and the entry is now row three and it works just fine. Why is this?

How are you creating this table?

Make sure numbers higher than 10 in your source are digits and not words.

“13” not “thirteen”.

Table of Region Locs place flag[this flag is turned on if the player visits any of the locs in that region] "Text Here"[1] 0 "Text Here"[2] 0 "Text Here"[3] 0 "Text Here"[4] 0 "Text Here"[5] 0 "Text Here"[6] 0 "Text Here"[7] 0 "Text Here"[8] 0 "Text Here"[9] 0 "Text Here"[10] 0 "Text Here"[11] 0 "Text Here"[12] 0 "Text Here"[13] 0 "Text Here"[14] 0 "Text Here"[15] 0 "Text Here"[16] 0

Will do