Nudge needed for HIBERNATED1

I’m stuck :slight_smile:

[spoiler]I’ve put the spider in the terminal, have put the (severed) hand in the tube, have turned on the glass slab, have broken the droid and am carrying the spares, the tools, the flashlight, the knife, io (with the connector)… and that’s it.

I don’t know what to do with the glass slab; how to operate the door near it; how to operate the freight terminal; what to do with the hand in the tube (although I think i need to restore it from its mummified status).[/spoiler]

Any nudge in any direction would be much appreciated.


From memory, so my apologies if it’s mixed up:

The tools: You already used them in order to pick up Io. There’s no need to use them explicitly anywhere.
Io (with the connector): I think the connector allows you to PUT IO near one of the terminals, in order to hack it.
The glass slab and door: The door will open if an authorised person puts their hand on the slab. The hand should be alive, otherwise it doesn’t work. It might be that you have to let Io hack one of the terminals in order authorise the demised alien.
The flashlight: You will know when to use it the first time (there’s a dark location).
The hand in the tube: I think you just have to wait while you are in the room, although I could be remembering this wrong.

Thanks a lot! It worked.

Honestly, the >WAIT thing is too much off, but I understand the medium: Inform would have used a daemon, not a viable option in Quill… or in the Eighties!

I’m in a very similar spot, but I think I’m missing an obvious next step.

I have revived the hand and put it on the glass slab, broken the droid and carried the spares, the tools, the flashlight, the knife, io, etc.

But, I can’t get any info from putting the spider in the interface cube. It says I need to learn more about alien technology first. And IO can’t use any terminals but he doesn’t know enough about the language. So it seems like there’s some key step to start the ‘learning’ processes, but I don’t know where to find it!

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I’m not sure exactly where you’re stuck but I think that you maybe need to return to your “Private Area” and read up on foreign languages in the digital library. The syntax is “research cuniform”.


Thank you, I knew I had missed something. Thanks!

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I feel like I’m much closer to the end now. I’m trying to upgrade IO to level 3, and I’ve provided the gold dagger, but I don’t have positronics. I’ve made it all of the way to the hatch and there are no other rooms I haven’t explored. Where can I find it?

I haven’t been able to do anything with the data hub or power generating room or black monitor, if those matter.

For the positronics you might want to visit your old friends the arachnids again. If that information alone doesn’t help you to progress let’s see if shooting the arachnids with a different weapon mode changes something. Remember that the laser rifle has two modes: paralyze and disintegrate.

The data hub, the power generating room and the black monitor are connected somehow and they do matter, not for the positronics riddle though. With the black monitor I intentionally played with people’s habits so that they likely will miss the obvious here. Since the black monitor riddle is widely considered as brilliant and the best riddle in this game, I can’t give it away for free.

Just a very subtle hint if you like to. Let’s assume the monitor is not broken and it’s not missing power. What might cause it to show a black screen then?

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Thanks! I’ll try these hints out.

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I seem to be stuck, some hints would be awesome

I opened the security door and the energy cell is in place, but I cannot cross the force field. Listing possible lines of progress below

1 What should I use to collect the purple blood?
2. I have reprogrammed the spider, but can’t do anything with it.
3. There’s some computer terminals I haven’t found a use for.


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For the first one, I would try searching your own spaceship thoroughly. I missed the same object in my own playthrough. That should, I think, help with the others.