Nudge needed for HIBERNATED1

(Marco Innocenti) #1

I’m stuck :slight_smile:

[spoiler]I’ve put the spider in the terminal, have put the (severed) hand in the tube, have turned on the glass slab, have broken the droid and am carrying the spares, the tools, the flashlight, the knife, io (with the connector)… and that’s it.

I don’t know what to do with the glass slab; how to operate the door near it; how to operate the freight terminal; what to do with the hand in the tube (although I think i need to restore it from its mummified status).[/spoiler]

Any nudge in any direction would be much appreciated.


(Linus Åkesson) #2

From memory, so my apologies if it’s mixed up:

The tools: You already used them in order to pick up Io. There’s no need to use them explicitly anywhere.
Io (with the connector): I think the connector allows you to PUT IO near one of the terminals, in order to hack it.
The glass slab and door: The door will open if an authorised person puts their hand on the slab. The hand should be alive, otherwise it doesn’t work. It might be that you have to let Io hack one of the terminals in order authorise the demised alien.
The flashlight: You will know when to use it the first time (there’s a dark location).
The hand in the tube: I think you just have to wait while you are in the room, although I could be remembering this wrong.

(Marco Innocenti) #3

Thanks a lot! It worked.

Honestly, the >WAIT thing is too much off, but I understand the medium: Inform would have used a daemon, not a viable option in Quill… or in the Eighties!