Novelization of my IF Darkiss published on Wattpad

Hello to everybody, I’m the author of Darkiss, horror IF about an evil vampire. It took the 12th place into the 2015 IF Comp and a nomitation for the Best PC at Xyzzy Awards. I just started to publish on Wattpad the novelization of the game, you can find it at
I’d like to know if Wattpad users/readers could get closer to IF by reading the story which is behind the game. I decided to keep the second-person point of view, as it could intrigue the readers.
I hope someone here may be interested in reading it.
Did anyone else try to publish their novelized IFs on Wattpad?
Thanks for reading.

What a coincidence! I played that last month, in Italian. Marco Giorgini pointed me to it. I enjoyed it a lot! (I’m stuck near the end, actually, in front of the dog :sweat: ). I am definitely going to read the novel. I see it’s illustrated too. Very nice touch! Do you happen to have an Italian version of that as well? Cheers!

Thank you, Mike. Glad you’re enjoying Darkiss, about the dog would you like to get a hint? Maybe you just miss an object.
About Wattpad I’m trying to do my best, but it seems very difficult to get readers as there are literally millions of story already published. However I’d like to publish the Italian version too. I started with the English one because there are much more English readers than Italian ones on Wattpad.
I’m waiting for you in the Crypt of Darkiss. And I suppose you know there are also Darkiss 2 and a spin-off about the professor George Anderson. Bye!

I’ll come back to you if I really need one! Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m also eager to start Darkiss 2! :wink: