Noticed bug?

I hadn’t the time until yesterday to download and experiment with the new Inform build, and I haven’t been following the discussion too closely (once again, no time!), so I was wondering, has this bug been reported already (for Windows).

For example you might write:

A person has a room called homeroom.
The homeroom of Tarzan is Treehouse.

This works fine like this. But when you have 101 rooms (like my WIP) it won’t compile unless you assign every homeroom to a region.

The error is:
[…]but that tries to set the value of the ‘homeroom’ property to an object - which must be wrong because this property has to be a room.

Once you put every homeroom in a region or another, Inform sees no problem!

I wouldn’t know how many rooms you need to have to fail compiling.

Anyone else seen this?

I don’t think so; if you’d like to report it, or scout around the reports to see if you can find anything that might be related and that I missed, the bug tracker is at