"Nothing is carried" - always false?

This has me puzzled:

[code]Test is a room.

When play begins:
Showme the list of carried things;
Showme whether or not nothing is held by the player;
Showme whether or not nothing is carried.[/code]

The list of carried things is empty. “nothing is held by the player” is true. But “nothing is carried” is false. Why?

Because the compiler is interpreting “nothing” as an object reference (the null reference) in that case, rather than “there is no object X such that…”

You can write “if no thing is carried…” and it’ll be interpreted the way you expect.

You can reasonably report this as a bug, although it might be difficult to fix without breaking some other (more reasonable) interpretation of “nothing”.

As in “Drop no tea”?

Robert Rothman