Nothing but Mazes v2.0

In celebration of the currently ongoing IntroComp voting period, I’d like to announce that there will soon be a new record for longest-in-progress IntroComp game to actually be completed.

For further details, please see the YouTube video below. And stay tuned to this thread during the next two weeks.


This is to announce that I’ve completed Nothing but Mazes, a game I began nearly 14 years ago.

The game is available at

And I’d also like to announce that, until September 15, if you donate a mere $5 or more to charity, I’ll send you a nice feelies package. Well, maybe just a moderately decent feelies package. Well, maybe I’m just kidding myself and my feelies package is far less than average. But the point is, it’s a feelies package. And you can get a copy of it, but only if you act by September 15. The money goes to Evidence Action, a charity that provides safe drinking water and fights debilitating diseases in developing countries. I decided to do this instead of trying to get people to pay for my game.

Details on the feelies and the fundraiser at

Thank you very much to

  • my testers: Daphne Brinkerhoff, Patrick Mooney, Krister Fundin, Jim Aikin, Charles Srstka, Nikos Chantziaras, Adam Thornton, Barbara Brinkerhoff, Mara Meijers, Peter Mattsson, Bernard Philie L’Heureux, Chephren, Mike Snyder, Matt Funke, Michael Martin, and Poster.
  • those who have offered me technical support: Eric Eve, Mike Roberts, Nikos Chantziaras, Krister Fundin, Michel Nizette, Damian Dollahite, tomasb, Steve Breslin, Khelwood, Guilherme de Sousa, and Rick Hawk.
  • and Nikos Chantziaras for QTads, Charles Srstka for CocoaTADS, Jacqueline Lott for IntroComp 2006, and probably a few others I’m probably not thinking of.

Finally, some closing thoughts. With this release, I’m wrapping up a bunch of what I worked on in my years with the interactive fiction community. I’ll certainly never spend this long writing a game ever again. And I may not write a game this big ever again either. Over the 14 years when I was writing it, a lot changed in my life. I got married to Daphne Brinkerhoff, whom I met in this community. I went back to school and got a job as a software developer – an idea kicked off by my involvement in this community. I’d like to say thanks to everyone I met along the way. I’ll try to come back here from time to time, and maybe I’ll play this month’s IntroComp entries too.

P.S. Seriously, watch the YouTube video. I put a ton of work into it!




That Youtube video cracked me up! I would say LOL, but I try not to laugh out loud when the kids are asleep. :wink:


Congratulations on the release! It’s amazing you were able to stick with it for so many years.


Yes, congratulations! (And I’m always charmed to hear about another IF-community-based marriage – belated congrats to you and Daphne on that as well.)