Not in good faith

Peter Piers claims to have read all of my posts:

Yet he also claims not to be aware of the fact that I’m Autistic (TW for ableist language):

I guess he (deliberately?) missed what I wrote in November last year:

(Emphasis mine.)
Now I’m out of here before Carolyn the Autism $peaks Supporter takes action against me again. This is definitely not a safe place for non-neurotypicals what with having at least two plethistics as mods.

This oughta be good.

hands Pudlo a spade so he can keep on digging his own grave

I guess I must have. Maybe me being neurotypical means that, outside of context and without any special emphasis, a throwaway comment like that buried in a post that’s about something else written about five months ago isn’t going to leap to my mind. How inferior and hateful of me. Don’t worry, I am fully aware of your presence now.

Let’s not argue about who is or is not being civil. It tends to needlessly get emotions running high.