Not having much luck getting started

Okay, I’m just getting started with TADS 3.

I followed these instructions: … roject.htm

First, I made the “mygame.t” file, copying all the content there.

Then, I make the “mygame.t3m” file, copying all the content there.

Then, I make the “obj” directory.

Then, I ran:

t3make -d -f mygame

That complains the I need to set the language.

So I ran:

t3make -D LANGUAGE=en_us -d -f mygame

That complains:

mygame.t(21): error: too many ‘+’ signs in object definition - location not defined

I copied the source code exactly as specified, why does it seem to have an error in the source code?

Hmm, that’s unfortunate. The example is missing the adv3 include at the top.

#include <en_us.h>
#include <adv3.h>

gameMain: GameMainDef
  initialPlayerChar = me

versionInfo: GameID
  name = 'My First Game'
  byline = 'by Bob Author'
  authorEmail = 'Bob Author <>'
  desc = 'This is an example of how to start a new game project. '
  version = '1'
  IFID = 'b8563851-6257-77c3-04ee-278ceaeb48ac'

firstRoom: Room 'Starting Room'
  "This is the boring starting room."

+me: Actor

I’ve reported this as a bug.

(For the actual problem, bcressey’s answer should help you.)

You can put “-D LANGUAGE=en_us” in your makefile so that you don’t need to specify it every time. Also, you can name your makefile “Makefile.t3m” instead of “mygame.t3m”, so that you only need to type “t3make” or “t3make -d” (for a debug build) without needing the “-f mygame” option. It’s way quicker to build your game that way.

That is unfortunate; thanks for catching it. In my current documentation set the omission appears only in the HTML version of the Getting Started Guide, not the PDF version. I’ll send a corrected version of the relevant HTML page to Mike Roberts straight away.

– Eric