"Not for release" not included when released for testing?

Is this a problem with 6L38?

[code]Example location is a room.

Section 1 - Test (not for release)

When play begins: say “This is a test!”[/code]

When I release this for testing, the message disappears.

I don’t understand the “Release for Testing” option on the Mac.

It used to create a bare Glulx file with all debug options on but no multimedia data. I couldn’t see any point in that. Now it runs the I7 compiler in release mode (so “not for release” sections are skipped), but then the I6 compiler in debug mode (so debug verbs are available). I don’t see a lot of point in that either.

The documentation claims that “not for release” sections will be included, so maybe it’s unintentionally pointless.

Where does the documentation say this? I failed to find it.

Last line of Section 24.5:

Right, thanks. Have filed a bug. inform7.com/mantis/view.php?id=1424