Not describing a character who is in the scene description

So I have multiple rooms where interactions with a character are described on first entry. Then at the end of the interaction the game goes “You can see <character who you’ve been talking to for the past minute> here.” It ruins immersion. I can’t seem to find a way to stop that from being printed. I tried " is not mentioned in ". But the character is still mentioned there.

Things (and people) in Inform are “unmentioned” if they are going to be printed at the end of a room description. (See WI 18.24.)

So, if you don’t want that to happen in certain situations, you could set the person to “mentioned” explicitly, as in “now Bob is mentioned”; or you could print the name of the person (within brackets!) in the room description or in the Writing a paragraph about activity.

[code]There is room. “[Bob] says hi.”

Bob is a man, here.[/code]Because the room description prints the name of Bob using a text substitution, he gets marked as mentioned, and hence doesn’t appear in a generic paragraph at the end.