Norton suddenly detects htmlt3.exe as a virus. Anyone else?

I went to make a Windows executable of my game yesterday and found that the htmlt3.exe file had been deleted from both my desktop and laptop. Some detective work discovered that Norton has identified htmlt3.exe as infected with the HEUR virus.

I uninstalled the Author kit, downloaded a new setup file from and reinstalled. As soon as I did so, Norton deleted the file again.

Is this happening to anyone else?


Yes, this has happened in all the classes where I use TADS 3 where the school had Norton running.

I had to make exceptions in Norton for the TADS executables. (Basically choose “Restore & exclude this file” in Norton’s threat detector once the file has been removed.)

Just to wrap this up, yesterday I submitted the file to Norton as a potential “false positive.” Today they have written back and said that it indeed is a false positive and that the detection “will be removed from our products.”


Yep, I’ve done the same.

Do note it does take them awhile to actually get this into their databases. I reported this issue to Norton well over six months ago and recent updates still hadn’t contained the change. But, to be fair to them, they do have a fairly decent process to go through to make sure their heuristics remain valid.