Norton Security gets in the way of

Does anyone else have this problem? It prevents me from being able to upload anything to the ifarchive because it thinks the site is a “known dangerous website”.

This is one of the really stupid things Norton security does, if it thinks it has found something that looks even vaguely like it might be a virus on a public website it blocks the entire website instead of just the one possible problem.
In this case it thinks that /if-archive/ contains some sort of auto-dialer, which is pretty silly as nobody uses dial-up modems anymore.
Even if this was a real virus (which is very debatable, it’s probably just some innocent utility program) it should not be blocking the entire web site, and it should certainly not keep popping up a warning message for every single page you try to visit even though you have already told it that you DO want to visit this site.

Why don’t you go to the Norton safe-web and add a site review. I just did.
But to remove the Norton block the owner of the site would need to register themselves with Norton, prove that they own it by downloading a small file to the site, remove the offending dialer program from raifarc0109.tgz, and then ask for a re-scan of the site.

Or just don’t use “security products.” They are a waste of money, time and space.

i actually tried disabling my norton, but couldn’t figure out how to.