Non-English Inform 6 resources?

While updating links in the Inform 6 FAQ sticky post, I came across an Italian translation of Roger Firth and Sonja Kesserich’s Inform Beginner’s Guide. (See for details.)

I am considering adding another post to the thread with resources in languages other than English, but I’m not aware of any others. Do you (yes, you!) know of any resources that would be worthwhile to add? If so, reply here or send a PM. I will add a post if at least three substantive documents can be listed. EDIT: Since the three-item threshold has been met, I have added a new post to the sticky thread. Please let me know here or via PM if I have made any errors. I’ll also add any new resources that are added here or about which I’m notified by PM.

EDIT 2: I’ve noticed that several of the links that I’ve tried from non-English sites are not functional, and that some of the dead links were never captured by the Internet Archive. I would suggest that anyone using these materials submit them to the Internet Archive (via the Wayback Machine page at Internet Archive: Wayback Machine), and that anyone possessing or locating copies of the missing materials also submit them to the IF Archive’s upload page at IF Archive File Upload to minimize future loss.

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My page for Swedish Inform holds the docs for the library translation, a translation of the House tutorial, syntax coloring files, source code for Swedish versions of Cloak of Darkness and Advent, and other resources.


Thanks for your work on collecting and linking these resources!

Several German ones related to Inform 6:

German Inform 6 library “deform” by Martin Oehm, with documentation and examples (this is probably the most actively maintained and up-to-date version): deform -

Technical notes (in English) on the deform implementation: Technical Notes -

Small annotated I6 example adventure: Inform: Quelltext -

Informisator: generates a skeleton version of an I6 object from given vocabulary: Informisator -

German Inform 6 library by Max Kalus (based on prior work by Tinic Urou, Ralf Herrmann and Toni Arnold; includes documentation): [ ]

Inform 6 Jump-Start-Kit by Max Kalus (based on Toni Arnold’s library): [ Inform-Start-Kit ]

Inform 6 Erste Schritte (First Steps starting guide) by Max Kalus: [ Inform: Erste Schritte ] Werkstatt: [ Werkstatt ]
Contains small I6 code snippets (among some content for other dev systems)

German Inform 6 library by Toni Arnold: Inform auf Deutsch
(also has source code for the games Abenteuer (translation of Colossal Cave Adventure) and Rummelplatzgeschichte)

Der Abentheurliche Informissimus Teutsch by Frank Borger: Der Abentheurliche Informissimus Teutsch
Introduction to and reference for I6 programming in German (using Toni Arnold’s library). Quite comprehensive, does not presuppose I6 knowledge.
Downloadable versions: Downloads

List of German I6 games which have source code available: IF » Technik » Quelltext verfügbar » Inform 6 » I6 deutsch

Old forum archive, Inform category (threads about I6 and I7): if-de :: Forum ~ Forum anzeigen - Inform & Glulx

New forum, Writing category (all authoring systems): IF-Forum - Autorencafé - Schreiben!

[@otistdog: I don’t know if you want to include the last link: on the one hand, it’s very unspecific because it’s for all development systems; on the other hand, it’s probably the only place (except here) where people would currenty discuss writing German-language I6 games.
It also contains the migrated threads from the old forum, but harder to see at a glance, so not as useful as a reference resource, because of the lack of subcategories.]

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Russian Inform page by @yandexx:

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There is a n spanish adventurer club, CAAD with has a wiki page called wikicaad.
Here is the link to “creation tools”

There are some categories up to date but wiki caad is updated untill 2011. Afterwards these pages are a bit disorganization.

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As for French, this is to the best of my knowledge the best page to start. It contains a starting kit, a link to French libraries, and a link to many articles on the topic, including Vorple tutorials. I’m mostly the one who writes these articles; they’re not a very comprehensive resource but it’s a start :slight_smile: I have a few other ones in store, but they draw a lower audience than others, so they get published when there’s a hole in our bimonthly schedule :smiley:

Our forum is disused these days but has dozens of questions on Inform 6 in this section, if you know how to find them.

My game sources are all in this folder ; they have not been backed up in the IF Archive yet but anyone with more motivation than me is free to do so :slight_smile:
JB / FibreTigre also published his I6 sources back in the day and they’re still on his website ; the best way to find them is through his games’ IFDB or IFWiki pages.

Thanks all for your contributions! I believe we are missing the Italians, and possibly other scenes. I have a few resources for Italian games but they are from a 2015 email so I’d rather see if someone else who is more involved replies first :slight_smile: (@Leobos67 perhaps ?)


The Italian Inform6 evangelist is Marco Vallarino. I was involved in Italian Inform7 only. However I think that the resources in your 2015 email are enough because nothing has changed in the italian tool scene since then.

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Spanish has infsp and informate.

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For the Italian scene, then, going back to my email I just have to add this link: IF Italia - Il Wiki della Interactive Fiction Italiana - Inform 6
I think it has a few more resources than what is in your post, @otistdog , like a translation of the Designer’s manual!

And I had a folder somewhere on my computer with I6 libraries in all the languages I could find. I think there were a few more than what you have on the list:

If i find that folder again, and there are more languages than that, I will let you know. From memory various people have been interested in translating to Turkish and Chinese but I don’t think their efforts were published anywhere.

Thank you very much for putting all of this together, this is a great list and very close to my heart! :slight_smile:

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My Danish translation (based on the Swedish and Norwegian translations) can be found here:

It comes with a Danish version of Cloak of Darkness. I have only released one game so far, På loftet sidder nissen but others are slowly being worked on. :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: I also maintain a Danish language website about text adventures in Danish language:


Thank you very much to everyone who has submitted links. I have been doing my best to identify the names of people responsible for various resources, but they are not always evident to me based on reviewing the pages, so please let me know if there are missing credits for anyone.

I’ve also been making sure that the various pages are being monitored by the Wayback Machine (most already were), as well as checking the IF Archive to see if current versions of the various libraries are there and uploading any complete ZIP archives of new or newer-versioned libraries that I have found. (Some of these may be present under another name or another location, but a duplicate submission hopefully won’t hurt.) For non-defunct pages without a downloadable ZIP file, I have not been submitting to IF Archive; anyone in touch with those authors is encouraged to ask them to package up a current version and submit it, or to post permission to do so here.


My French translation of the 6.12.x library maintained by David Griffith, which is the most recent Inform 6 library to date
I also did a lot of stuff with Inform 6, including a french translation of PunyInform. To see on my gitlab repository.

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