Nocked! True Tales of Robin Hood for Desktop!

Hi all,

I’d like to announce the recent launch of my IF RPG, Nocked! True Tales of Robin Hood, for desktop.

Nocked was originally released on iOS in 2017, I added hundreds of thousands of words, new art, and a full soundtrack to recent the desktop release. Here’s the “back of the box blurb”:

The peasants of Nottingham bow under the weight of Prince John’s taxes; nobles fall to the Sheriff’s political machinations; deserters from the Crusades pillage the land; and fairies lure the unwary into the depths of mist-shrouded Sherwood Forest, never to be seen again. Step into the chaos of a magical England at the end of the Third Crusade. Maid Marian hides breathless amidst the brambles after the sack of her father’s castle; Little John charges a bodyweight in gold to cross a lonely log; and Will Scarlet holds court in a brokedown tower surrounded by trees as tall as the sky, waiting for a king who will never come. The time is ripe, a spark is lit – from the ashes of your home, from the shadow of anonymity, step into legend. You are Robin Hood.

Nocked! is powered by Twine, built on Electron, and features the work of Chris Klimas himself!

Nocked! can be found in the Steam Store. More information can be found at