no sound in T3

Parts one and five of my game are almost finished except for the sound effects. When I run the game in workbench, they work fine but when I compile it as an .exe or .t3 there is no sound. I have tried putting the sound effects into an inner and external resource file but still nothing.

According to the html file on using the tag it’s possible to do a number of effects, but I can’t get it to play a simple wav file.

Any ideas anybody?

What version are you using? There was such a bug in an old version of Workbench which was fixed.

The workbench help gives the following -

Workbench HT-21 (Build Win114; TADS

Yes, that version had the bug. It was reported here:

It has since been fixed, so you should simply upgrade to a newer version. As of right now, the most recent is 3.1.2.

Done. Problem sorted.