No images in the Win IDE itself

Hey, I’m having an issue with the Inform 7 IDE itself: it seems images aren’t showing up. This is the Windows build, and I’m running Vista 64 and the build is (27th October 2010; 6F95).

I’m guessing it’s happening in some way because I didn’t install it in the default location: I typically keep my installed programs and games and such on a separate partition from Windows itself, so it’s in “D:\Programs\Inform 7” instead of the usual spot. The places where there are images show up as the IE “red X” for a missing file, and when I right-click and get properties on them, it looks like the URL is “inform:/map_icons/ew_spacer.png”, for example.

This doesn’t seem to be happening with all images: the toolbar images for the go button etc are there, as are the little stars next to the examples in the documentation, but nothing on Errors:Problems page shows up, nor does anything on the Index tab. The Skein seems fine though.

Any idea? Other than reinstalling in the default location…

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Hmmm… I didn’t install Inform in the default location, either, but all the images show up correctly for me. I’m on Windows XP, 32 bit – so maybe Vista 64 has something to do with it? My path is E:\IF\Inform\Inform7, and the images are in the Documentation subdirectory.

If nobody else answers here in the course of the day, try contacting David Kinder, the Windows IDE programmer, directly. His email address is listed in the first paragraph of the bug report form “BugReport.txt” in the Inform directory.

Thanks for that, StJohn. This turns out to be a problem with IE, not Inform. Details spoilered off if anyone comes across this in the future.

[spoiler]IE7 on Vista has a really weird problem with PNGs. For most people, it shows up after installing QuickTime, apparently. David pointed me to this thread: … ID=1070279

And just googling “ie7 png” turns up this thread: … ug-in-ie7/

But I don’t have QuickTime installed. PNGs were associated with Windows Photo Gallery instead of IE, so I tried the rest of the steps in the post anyway:

PNGs from the web now work fine (I don’t actually know whether they were working before), but trying to load a local one pops up the “File Download” dialog. You know, the one with Open, Save or Cancel. If I hit Open, I get… can you guess? That’s right, the “File Download” dialog. Ad infinitum. Awesome. And I still have red X’s in Inform.

So then I checked out what was posted by commenter “Somebody” in that second thread:

But I don’t have a “Content” directory at that level, just “Content Type”, and at any rate everything in it was readable if I opened regedit as a non-Administrator. At that point I gave up and I’m trying to update to IE8 right now. =\ I suppose I should have been on IE8 a long time ago, but I basically never use the gorram thing.

UPDATE: …and IE8 installation doesn’t work.[/spoiler]