No examples to test in extension

First, sorry if this is in the wrong place – I don’t think I’m allowed to post in the Inform 7 extensions board.

This is probably a newb question, but I’m working on a small I7 extension, and, whenever I click the “test” button, the IDE throws up a dialog box saying “There are no examples to test.” This is the code I’ve got so far:

[code]Extension by Michael begins here.

Extension ends here.


Example: * The lab - A basic example

*: “The lab”

The lab is a room. Frankenstein is a person in the lab. The description of Frankenstein is “He cackles evilly.”

Test me with “x Frankenstein”.[/code]

Where do I put my tests so that Inform will run them when I click the button? I feel like I’m missing something really obvious, so sorry and thank you in advance.

In your extension code is your example source text indented together so Inform can tell which lines are included?

Note below in the example from Locksmith that lines starting with *: are indented at the same level.

[code]Example: ** Rekeying - Modifying the way passkey descriptions work.

As a default, Locksmith describes what passkeys unlock only after printing their default description. Under some circumstances, however, we might want to override that behavior, like this:

*: "Rekeying"

Include Locksmith by Emily Short.

The player carries a passkey called the tin key. The tin key unlocks the tin box. The tin box is closed, openable, lockable, and locked. In the box is a single Cheerio.[/code]

Also, you need to include your extension in your example source text.

Thanks – that sorts it!

Aaand I’ll also say thank you, because that just solved my problem!