NLP Storytelling CoFounder (equity only)

Saw this on FoundersList.

From: Joshua Mathias

I’m a computational linguist and project manager for a team of highly motivated, team-oriented core developers and interns. Our Founder and CEO is a US Army veteran and a movie producer. We plan to release our MVP next quarter and seek a Full Stack Development leader to augment and innovate with our team.

Technologies: ReactJS, MongoDB, Python (optional)

Our Vision:
Redefine humanity’s storytelling experience by curating the world’s stories through the state of the art artificial intelligence innovation.

Our Mission:
Build an AI-powered platform that delivers innovative story discovery, analysis, and adaptations on-demand for next-generation storytellers.

We’re moving fast, and it’s a great time to join. Please connect to discuss options for joining our team. Please note: This is an equity-only position until we are funded.

This is an equity-only position

Would need a really hot business plan.

Meh. I love entrepreneurship. If you find value in building things and are not transactional, it can be a growth experience.

I don’t fall into the side that believes talent is always exploited.

Textfyre was a total bust and I lost money on it and some of the partners didn’t see anything from their efforts.

Even so, I think Textfyre helped inspire other people to build commercial IF endeavors.

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I didn’t say this was a bad idea, just that he needs a good business plan. Just throwing some “AI” in there isn’t enough.

I’m all for entrepreneurship, i think it’s what people should do. It could be cynicism, but I’ve become adept at spotting donkeys.

The OP is a manager and the CEO is not so technical either, so basically they’re
looking for someone to do all the clever stuff.

What’s missing is how this guy’s connected to the industry he plans to sell into. And what industry that is would be helpful to know.

I hope this is all in his plan.


“Full stack” is this generation’s “touch base”.

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None of us would be here if we didn’t think technology offered the opportunity for telling stories further, wider and with more freedom.

Humanity is disparate and decentralised. Curation is another word for gatekeeping. Artificial Intelligence is the magic wand a corporation waves so they never have to meet their customers. And in my opinion, therefore, is a sign of bad faith.

You may disagree with these statements. But unless you can refute them cogently you can’t be doing right by your investors.

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Not my idea or company. I was just reposting it.

Sorry, @DavidC . I didn’t spot you’d quoted a link and assumed you were the OP. Hope you didn’t mind too much my vigorous response :slightly_smiling_face:

This is fantastic feedback; thank you all.

I’m interested to learn that computational linguist either doesn’t communicate that I’m a programmer or the addition of project manager implies that I don’t program much.

For both the backend and full-stack development I’m defining what needs to be done both short-term and long-term, who can do it, estimating how long things will take, and coding myself, on a daily basis.

Also, a full-stack developer once told me that he wasn’t interested in a “frontend” job, more a “full-stack” job, so I believe a job that covers many tasks is appealing to some.

Hi Joshua.

I wish you good luck in your project.

Please make sure in these difficult times that you and your team are compensated at market rate and cash-in-hand for your work.

Ask careful questions of anyone who would rather pay you later.