Ngram Viewer and IF

I just heard about the Google Books Ngram Viewer, not had chance to find out what’s possible. I tried ‘interactive fiction’ with British English and also with American English.

Interesting results…

‘interactive fiction’ - British English

‘interactive fiction’ - American English

The question I guess is, what does it mean and can we learn something from these results?

Damn it, I missed the surge of 1920!

Thanks, Terry!

BTW I updated your graphs to end at the year 2010 instead of 2000 (10 years is a long time). The year in the form doesn’t read properly afterward, but the data looks correct. The British graph in this case is VERY interesting…



Also, there is always the country-neutral option…


Neat stuff!


Thanks for that Paul, didn’t try up to 2010 I assumed the data only ran up to the year 2000.

So what’s the 1920 surge then, interactive fiction in the 1920’s ??

Tragically, it seems to be a mistake in matching the book with its text.