ngPAWS, beta 8

Hi All,

I’ve just released new beta version (quite stable already though) for ngPAWS authoring system. Apart of some fixes and new options (see below), there is now a new OSX build, apart from the Windows, Linux x86 and Linux arm ones. OSX version though lacks of code editor, I have compiled the editor for OSX, but I’m having problems to make it call command line executables, so once I managed to do that, OSX version will have one. For the time being, OSX version can only be used from the terminal (you can use your favorite editor to create your game though).

From the what’s new file:

Beta 8 - June 2015

- Plugins: Compiler allows now to create 'waitkey' type plugin condacts (as ANYKEY or GETKEY) that wait for a keypress to do something
- Plugins: h_keydown hook has been modified in order to provide new functionality to those 'waitkey' condacts
- Plugins: h_preProcess and h_postProcess hooks added (enable an option to do something just after or before running a process)
- Runtime: added ASK plugin condact (a 'waitkey' type one)
- Runtime: Text window can now be scrolled up/down using mouse wheel or PgUp/PgDown
- Runtime: QUIT and END and now better supported, not using ugly javascript "confirm" anymore. 
- Runtime: PAUSE condact changed to 'waitkey' type, even when no key is needed for it to finish it works in a very similar way. Also, the condact has been refactored and now does not block music, interrupt process, etc.
- Runtime: Javascript code present in the index.html  file has been removed and added to the runtime.js file, so there is no javascript at all in the index file (apart of the files linked outside)
- Runtime: Modified the way the texts are printed so the objects,  locations and sysmessage can make use of sequence tags in all cases
- Runtime: Added support for "PROMPT" condact using HTML5 INPUT placeholder