Newb questions

Hi, I am new to IF and want to know how to to kill a npc and take their items.

What game?



Since you posted this in the design discussion subforum, I’m assuming that you mean your question in the context of making a game.

The answer is (as previous responders have hinted at in different ways) that it depends. Is the game about committing a murder to get their inheritance? Then you’ll possibly want to set up a series of puzzles through which the player eventually will be able to poison the NPC in question (or fail to do so, or have multiple endings where both failure and success is possible). This could either be quite funny or a deadly serious game, and serious could mean thriller or psychological study, or…

Or are you thinking more of something where you attack random NPCs (monsters, or innocent passers by?)? This could be done as simply as Peter suggests, or through a complicated fighting mechanism. It’s all up to you and what you want the game to be about. (Maybe look at Kerkerkruip for inspiration if this is the direction you’re heading?)

Or… well, anything is possible, really. The first question you must answer yourself is why and how do you want to off these NPCs. Then you can ask for help on how to best code that in the relevant sub-forum, depending on which tool you’re using. If you want to discuss the design of the thing, this is of course the right place right here, but you’ll need to be a lot more specific.

Thanks for the answers but I’ve already found out, thanks anyway guys.

Considering we’re still trying to figure out what the question was, that’s pretty awesome.