New York-based IF group -- any interest?

So it’s time to start thinking about the new year, and it seems odd that one of the biggest cities in the world doesn’t have an active IF meetup group. I’m more than willing to head that up if there’s interest. So… is there?

I’d certainly be interested in learning more about it.

Robert Rothman

So too would I be.

I posted to the Seattle group blog to spread the word. The post will also appear on Planet I-F soon.

How many cities do have IF groups? I only knew of the Boston one and I’m only hearing about the Seattle one for the first time.


Boston is the most vigorous one, but there are others in Seattle, Chicago, San Fransisco and (I think) Vancouver.

I am definitely interested.

Wow! It’d be nice to have a group like this in a new city. Real life gets in the way of the Chicago group sometimes, but I think we all like each other. I’m not the official head of the Chicago group, either, but I’d love to exchange ideas on how to grow such a group…guess that’s a new topic, though.

I’d be interested!

I was sure there’d be one in Toronto.

Maybe it would be worth putting a sticky at the top of one of these forums, with a list of links to currently active live groups?

I might be into this. It’d at least be nice to have emails of people writing games.

Hi. I just remembered that a) this existed, and b) I was the one who proposed the idea. Oops.

Anyway, there seems to be enough interest, tentative or not, to possibly start thinking about meeting time/places/content?

Unfortunately, I do not have the space to be able to offer to host a meeting, but I would be interested in getting involved. I live in Yorkville.

Robert Rothman

Yeah – I figure what might be best is to emulate the Boston group and meet up at one central location. (I’m in Astoria, for instance, and while I’ve got hosting space, I know the drill with getting people to the boroughs.)

None of these names mean anything to me, being in Chicago and all, but here’s how Chicago-IF works.

We currently have one coffehouse in a semi-central position, not quite downtown, and hopefully relatively close to where people live. It’s a place with enough space, but not too empty.

Apparently there are some people who would be interested in a suburban meeting place, but we haven’t been able to wrangle that yet. I think it really would be nice to allow them, and I’d be glad to take a train up, too. There just hasn’t been a way to compromise.

So you could call it new-york-if or whatever to mimic And if you already have, bonus!

Btw, in case anyone in Chicago reads this who doesn’t know, it’s Filter, at 1373-75 Milwaukee Avenue, just north of the Walgreens. That’s between the Ashland/Division and North/Damen blue line stops. We have a google group set up, and maybe getting one for NYC might help you guys sort out details that you might worry aren’t relevant for the general public. Often one of us pokes the others about which Thursday we are going to meet, or we just give updates if we can make it or if we will be late.

I can only give general help and encouragement, but I hope you guys find a way to make things work! I’m sure there are other people sharing your interest outside of this board, too.

OK. Based on some talks at No Show Conference, I think this could be a thing that is a) possible and b) possibly really fruitful.

So let’s set a date, time and location for the first meetup. Nothing overly complicated. Probably someplace in Manhattan, probably after work on a weekday. (Probably in August.)