New Windows build of 6G60

Since the release of Inform 7 6G60 quite a few bugs have been fixed in the Windows front-end, and a few new features added. As a result, a new Windows build has been released, and is available from (Note that this only affects the Windows front-end: the compiler itself is unchanged).

What’s been changed:

  • Elastic tabstops are now available as an option in the Format menu. When elastic tabstops are enabled, tabstops are automatically sized so that columns in tables line up.

  • The font settings are now respected in the HTML based panes (that is, the index, errors and documentation) when Internet Explorer 9 is installed.

  • There is now a Headings sub-menu under the Edit menu, which matches the similarly named sub-menu on OS X.

  • The front-end attempts to sensibly replace spaces with tabs in text that is pasted or dropped on the source tab: if a table is detected its elements are separated by tabs, and leading spaces are also converted to tabs.

  • The Glulx interpreters in the game tab now support the additions to Glk in versions 0.7.1, 0.7.2 and 0.7.3 of the Glk specification.


Nice, thanks!

Thanks so much!


Thank you!

A (partial) translation: the extensions Rewrite The Command Line and The Real Date and Time now work!

I think there’s improvements to Glimmr as well.

Thank you David!!

I just ran into the elastic-tabstops-appearing-outside-of-tables bug myself:

No tables anywhere in that section. That’s only one tab character there in the second line.

After some experimenting, it seems that the problem is that the paragraph after that one ends with a spurious tab character.

It looks like I haven’t got that bit of code quite right. I will get this fixed.

I’ve now put up another new Windows build of Inform 7 6G60, available from and from the IF-Archive. This new build only includes two changes:

  • The elastic tabstop handling should now match that in OSX: only lines that start with text are treated, which basically confines the elastic tabstop handling to tables.
  • When building the project, the Inform 6 compiler is invoked with the ‘k’ argument, causing it to write out an Infix debug file. This allows the use of Brady Garvin’s absurdly clever Inform 7 debugging extensions (get them from without having to mess around with batch-file work-arounds. (If you haven’t tried this yet, you should!)

Almost thought a new Inform 7 release was out. :smiley: Thanks!

Oh, very nice. Thank you for adding that command-line argument!

The i7grip documentation now describes the setup procedure for the new Windows build. Many thanks to David for working this change in!

I’ve put up a new Windows build of Inform 7 6G60, available from and from the IF-Archive. This should fix the intermittent crashes a few people have seen when opening an existing project, with elastic tabstops turned on.

Another new Windows build of Inform 7 6G60 is up, available from and from the IF-Archive. This should fix problems relating to the Flexible Windows extension in the game tab and, as a bonus, save and restore now work in the game tab.

For the curious among us is there an actual changelog somewhere for this release? I poked around on the bug tracker site and main inform site but couldn’t find. More curious than anything.

No version bump between releases?

The version number 6G60 refers to the I7 compiler, which has not changed.

As this is just a update for the Windows front-end, there’s no formal change log.

Oh nice! This fixed the problems I had with the Glimmr framework not working in the IDE game tab, awesome! :smiley: