New Version of Undum Incomplete?

Having acquired a new PC laptop, I figured I should download the Undum and Vorple material. So I tried to do exactly that. When viewed from the Undum website, the entire tutorial “game” is there. But when I use Firefox’s “Save Page As…” command, what gets downloaded is badly broken. Even more mysterious, if I view the source for the online tutorial game, scads of text are missing from the source. There’s an a href=‘todo’, for instance, which is a bad sign.

Does anyone know what’s going on here? Am I just being dense (as sometimes happens), or is version 2 in an incomplete state?

You should use “Save page as…” only as a last resort if nothing else is available. In this case, go to and click on the “Download ZIP” link in the right sidebar.

Most of the tutorial story’s text is in the JavaScript file (it shows both methods of storing text by splitting the contents between the story file and the HTML file). The “todo” link refers to a situation with the same name, which I assume means in this context “things you can do with Undum” (?).

But if you’re planning on using Vorple, you need to use the version of Undum bundled with it. And if you can wait I suggest you wait for about a week or so for the new release that uses the latest Undum version.

Thanks for the tips. I’ll wait – I’m hard at work on a T3 game right now, but looking further down the road. I was attempting (with less than total success so far) to add clickable links to my current WIP, and that process prodded me to think about Vorple again.

Also, I was glancing at this year’s Spring Thing entries. There are several browser-based CYOAs, but no Undum or Vorple. It’s not hard to see why – using Vorple is a lot harder than using Twine! But the presentation in Vorple is so much more professional, there’s just no comparison. So maybe I’ll dive into Javascript this fall and try to come up with a game that will produce a tiny buzz.