new to inform7 - please help

hello im new to inform 7 and i use playfic. well i never made a single game since i joined playfic.

i am so confused i dont understand any of this on playfic i looked at the source codes ofthe tuorials i did what it said in my game but im still getting problems!, problem there problem there …

i type what it says:
the kitchen is a room ‘you are standing in the kitchen’ … guess what happened . simple i got a problem quote. problem: the kitchen is a room “you are in the kitchen” is the same thng…! whats going on here this happened ever since nothing i try works.

then i tryed something new i got from the playfic wiki on scenery - i typed the kitchen is here.
the kitchen is a room ‘you are standing in the kitchen’ i still got the same quote… :open_mouth: :frowning: am he only person this is happening too

notice: excuse me but if this is in the wrong topic, just let me know im sorry im new to these forums again sorry :frowning:

Can you copy and paste exactly what you’re typing? Punctuation is important for Inform.

Try: The Kitchen is a room. "You are standing in the kitchen."

Punctuation is extremely important to Inform 7.

I’m wondering if sasha2cool might be blind. A screen reader will not necessarily read punctuation aloud.

or dyslexic … hmm.

Elaborating a bit more on Hanon’s comment: punctuation tells the computer how to interpret your commands. Quotes tell it to “print” things. Periods tell it where the instructions start and stop. Tab spaces tell it which phrases relate to which subroutines. Square brackets tell it to ignore whatever is within the brackets. etc.

So if you put any punctuation in the wrong place, it’ll mess up the the whole thing.

Read some of the examples in the recipe book, and look at some of the sample source codes you can find online (the I7 website has some nice examples). You’ll get the hang of it pretty soon.

It may also help to be more specific. Inform can sometimes guess what you mean by context, but sometimes it guesses wrong.


Kitchen is a room.  The description of Kitchen is 'You are standing in the kitchen.'

Technically the ‘description’ bit is not necessary, because Inform will guess that the quoted text is the description of the thing you just mentioned (the Kitchen room). But I always add in ‘the description of (noun)’ anyway. It’s better to make things clear. Inform is happy when all your statements are simple and clear. Inform does not like to guess things based on context and “it” pronouns.

don’t give up. You’ll run into problem after problem, but that’s what it takes to write computer code.