New retro game: "Tristam Island"

I’m probably end up playing the z3-version on Frotz but I noticed that the z3 is in version 5 and, for example, the atari-st version i 7. Is tthere any differences that would make one choose the Atari version over any other?

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Thank you so much, @Denk ! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! :smiley:

@heasm66 This just counts the number of times I have updated a package - for instance, for the Atari ST some people wanted me to provide the raw files (instead of the disk image) to make it easier for them to put it on a disk. Other packages I had to update the manual, etc. The underlying Z-Machine file is the same Release 2 for everyone (except the Game Boy version, where I had to delete the intro text to make space and avoid a bug).


Ok. I see. I thought maybe the version number was from different compilations (releases).

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Bought today!

Going to be playing it on an apple II emulator - which is how I’ve been playing all the infocom games. Something about the look of the text and the time it takes to respond to what you type I just find incredibly nostalgic.


Thank you! :smiley:

Almost one year later…

Release 3 is out now on - and 25% off to celebrate!

A few bug fixes (including crashes), file is 3k smaller, 3 new platforms added, but also the bonuses that were available for preorders are now available to all :slight_smile:

Oh, and a French translation too, at - the first PunyInform game in a language other than English!

This is likely the last release for this game. I had fun making it but it’s time to move on to another project for 2022 :slight_smile: Thanks everyone for the support!