New Posting Rules?

What’s this “Your message must be approved by the moderator” stuff?

See , and following posts in that thread. First post from a new user now must be manually approved. This should only be used to block spam.

What, did you create a new account under a different name?

I’ve tried to create a new account for Archie Leer, a young friend of mine who’s currently incarcerated and has no Internet privileges. Archie wants to use his time in juvie as productively as possible and has enlisted in an interactive fiction workshop. They are being taught by an inmate, so not even the teacher has Internet access. We’ve agreed that Archie would use his phone time credits to dictate his messages to me which I would then post under his name and read the respones to him the following day. So, could someone please approve Archie’s first post?

We use it over at the Adrift forum as well. And it’s a pretty neat way to eliminate spammers.

You’ve been caught sockpuppeting. Accept it.

Archie will be disappointed.

That sounded like an advice from the Mob.

We don’t really have rules, we mods just do what we want.

There hasn’t been a single newcomer posting on the introduction thread since November 15. Before that there used to be one new introduction every third day or so. Doesn’t that bother you people?

Correction: November 18, not 15. Still, that’s more than a month.

Many new comers don’t post there. So it doesn’t bother me at all.

Considering that many of those were either spam bots or people slowly migrating from other ends of the IF community, no, not really. It seems natural.

Also, should Archie post in a sensible manner, he should have nothing to fear from the mods.