New Patreon: Beginner-Friendly Twine CSS tutorials from Devotionalia's author

Just saw this on Twitter, thought it would be good to mention it here:


I literally came here just now to link this…behind like usual! Glad you did it sooner.

Grim is the creator of the gorgeous game Devotionalia from IFComp 2018. I almost didn’t believe it was Twine.


Hi there! Just wanted to thank you both for boosting this here; I really appreciate it!

The first tutorial in my “Twine Grimoire” has just gone up over on Patreon for $2+ tiers. These are geared toward beginners, so a lot of this inaugural post might be things people on the forums are already very familiar with, but in the future I’ll be touching on things like link styling, backgrounds, customizing passages, creating buttons, using images, and more.

If pledging isn’t an option for you, that’s fine; patrons get early access to my drafts, but I’ll be making these available for free through a few sources once I’ve written and revised a few more. I’ll publish them together on later on down the line, and I’m open to suggestions about where else (Medium? Elsewhere?) they might be welcome and useful. I’ll also be working with Dan Cox to fit these tutorials into the Twine Cookbook!

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