New multimedia magazine looking for for IF submissions, etc

Howdy folks,
I just wanted to pop in and point people over to a new multi-media magazine that me and a few others are starting called 60 Seconds. It’s an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch magazine focusing on narrative/media in 60 Seconds or less. We’re looking to get some interactive fiction in if possible, although the majority of the content is being built in webkit and HTML5, which seems a little buggy still, at least when using Inform and Quixe for exporting (does Parchment work better?)

But it doesn’t have to built in Inform – it can be build entirely in HTML5 if you want, and doesn’t have to necessarily even be narrative, as long as it’s 60 seconds of content and somewhat interesting, that’s all we’re really looking for.

Anyway, if this sounds interesting to anyone the full details can be found here: