New interpreter, seeking testers

My interpreter “geas” for Quest games is close to ready.

Current program is C++ with Gtk-- toolkit and is compiled for Linux.

I’m really look for

  • anybody who can compile C++ / Gtk-- for Mac or Windows
  • anybody willing to test Geas against the Quest runner on Beam

There is a possible Glk port of the interface in the works for
Spatterlight / Gargogyle.

Does it require a particular version of C++ for Windows? I have access to Microsoft VC++ 1.52, 2.0, 5.0, and maybe 6.0.

I’ve been using g++.

I know CC and GCC for Linux, but I’ve never used G++. If you’re doing standard stuff, I suppose it would compile in Visual C++. I can give it a shot, if you send me what I need.

— Mike.

g++ is the c++ compiler for gcc.

I emailed the source to sm@h. You’ll also need gtk-- from )

Okay. I hadn’t checked it today. I’ll download it, and let you know how it goes.