New Inform User Has a Problem :\

Hi guys! This is my first post and I’m having a problem. I am making an IF and I want to use the Secret Doors extension. I’m not sure if it’s outdated or what, but whenever I try to run the game, I get this:

I think those are all things that the extension added on, and I was wondering if I could somehow fix this, get a newer version of Secret Doors, (if there is one) or get another extension all together with the same premise.


My first guess would be that “secret door” and “secret key” are undefined. However, I can’t tell for sure with out any source code to go by. I’d suggest you post the code here.

Hope this helps.

The obvious problem is those ‘when when’ lines, which look as if they’re in the latest version of the original extension. I suspect that those would break any game that the extension was included in. You might try editing the extension yourself to make the double whens single.

(Secret Doors hasn’t been updated since its first release in 2007; it’s bugged; and it’s an extremely simple extension that takes about as much time to learn as it would to code those behaviours yourself. The I7 site does not guarantee the quality or utility of its hosted extensions.)

Thanks to all who replied! Maga, you were right and when I changed the double "when"s to singles, it worked. :smiley:

I had this same problem. Taking out the two instances of “when when” and making them “when” did the trick. Thanks maga! I originally found the extension using Jim Aikin’s guide, so I’m sure that many people using his guide and trying to use the extension as he does will encounter this problem. Hopefully they get directed to this post as I was!