New idea of image display

This is possible in theory, but in practice Inform 7’s high-level graphics extensions (such as Glimmr) are no longer functional. Look at Alabaster for an example of composing images.

I believe some people are working on updating Glimmr to new versions of I7, though, so once that happens the task will get a lot easier.

One option is to get the older version of Inform that Glimmr works with (old Inform downloads are available on the Inform website), though that closes off some of the newer features, of course.

If you get the latest version of Simple Graphical Window it will let you do this fairly straightforwardly (you’ll also need to get more extensions from Github which SGW depends on): … Window.i7x

The code is really quite straightforward, and you could do it without SGW if you just used Flexible Windows:

To draw (image - a figure-name) in (win - a graphics g-window) at x (x - a number) and y (y - a number) scaled to width (width - a number) and height (height - a number): (- glk_image_draw_scaled( {win}.(+ ref number +), ResourceIDsOfFigures-->( {image} ), {x}, {y}, {width}, {height} ); -).

All you need to do is then make transparent PNG images.

You can’t vary how transparent it is however, so if you want to stages of the ghost appearing you’ll need multiple images.

If you need animations, rather than just combining images once each turn, then you’ll need Glimmr or some other new extension.