New I7 extension: Inline Hyperlinks

Another extension announcement:

Inline Hyperlinks provides a simple, HTML-inspired syntax for adding hyperlinks within say phrases. It’s pretty simple to use; there is no need to manually create a list of hyperlinked commands, as this is handled automatically by the extension. Unless you’re going for some special effect, all that is required to use the extension is to provide links like so:

say "It appears that the only thing to do here is to [link]jump[end link]."
say "There is only one exit, to the [link]north[as]go north[end link]."

The latter displays “north” on screen as a hyperlink, and clicking on it will paste “go north” to the command line, while the former is a simple link that pastes the underlined text to the command line.

The extension has a few examples that illustrate various effects.

As luck would have it, an error crept into the third example (“Systematic Derangement of the Inner Compass”), and wasn’t caught until after submission. It’s easily fixed, so I won’t submit a new version of the extension until it. In the rule “hyperlink processing rule when the player is deranged and the current hyperlink ID is less than 13”, delete these two lines:

if the player is deranged: say "[command prompt][run paragraph on]";