New German IF Magazine


ifwizz will publish an IF journal called ‘The Parser’ in mid-august. It is the first german magazine for interactive fiction. Among other topics the first issue will contain interviews with Christian Blümke and Michael Baltes - the winner of the german IF competition 2010. And of course news from the international IF community will come with each issue.

‘The Parser’ will be published as a PDF Newsletter and is for free. Check the following website, if you would like to subscribe the magazine:

This is great news, can’t wait to read it !


The first issue has been released now. You may download the PDF file (8 MB) which is in German.

For translation purposes ( is a quite good tool) all articles are available online:

Awesome! Anyone out there want to do a translation into English and share? (I assume this would be OK with the ifwizz team?) Google Translate is OK for getting a general idea and for translating single words, but it’s not all that good at doing a real comprehensible translation.


Yes, of course, that would be great. We could add the english version to the ifwizz website (if this would be OK for the translator) I guess the two interviews, the editorial and the review jashpur are most interesting articles for a translation.


The November issue of our German IF journal The Parser has been released.


  • Cover story about the IF Comp
  • Jason Scott’s GET LAMP
  • Aaron Reed’s Creating Interactive Fiction with I7
  • Reviews and Interview

Have a nice time!