New Game: THE EURIPIDES ENIGMA (Parser Comp Entry)

Hi All,

I have now published my new game - THE EURIPIDES ENIGMA- on the ADRIFT games website: The Euripides Enigma - ADRIFT Game. It is a sci-fi game, 4th in the “Mike Erlin” series.

In this adventure Captain Mike has shuttled down to the research base on the planet Euripides with a squad of space marines, their mission to discover what has happened to the staff of the research base, all of whom have mysteriously disappeared.

It is an entry in the 2022 Parser Comp over on - please give it some ratings if you enjoy the game: Rate THE EURIPIDES ENIGMA by Lazzah for ParserComp 2022 -


Welcome to the comp. Nice to see you… again.

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Hello Lazzah

I’m trying to load your game in Android “Fabularium”, but it does not allow me to do. I’m not an expert on that so, is there something I can be doing wrong? I tried with both .blorb files, the normal and the mac one.

If someone else knows how to proceed, any help is welcome : - )

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I just copied the blorb into my own Android phone and it loaded OK in Fabularium. Have you got the blorb in the correct folder on your phone?

I copied the blorb from my laptop into the Fabularium/Games folder on my phone and then I opened Fabularium. I tapped ‘explore’ and put a tick next to the file in that folder. I then opened ‘play’ and tapped the ‘refresh’ symbol top right. The game then appeared on screen and I was able to play it.

Please email me direct at if you have any more problems.

Best regards,

Larry Horsfield


Done! Thanks Larry!

Let’ play! : D

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I tested the game at it’s beggining running this game in Fabularium and it worked fine. Are you sure that you have the latest version? This is in github via ifwiki, not in googleplay.

Yes, I finally make it work. It was my fault, behaving like a user : D

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