New game 'Hoosegow' released.

Jack and I are at it again. Our new short game ‘Hoosegow’ was
submitted to the JiGcomp last night, and should be up on their site
via Parchment sometime today (along with 30 other games.) I’ve
submitted it to ifarchive. Should I also submit to ifwiki or ifdb?

For the impatient, you can get it right now from the game’s site:

My blog post about the (insane) process of writing this game is here:

Huge thanks to all the beta-testers!

The IFWiki and IFDB can be user-edited, although if it’s part of a competition, somebody may already be planning to add them. If in doubt, wait a couple days then try adding yourself. :slight_smile:

It’s already been done:


It’s a fast moving world, the user-edited Internet.


awesome indeed! Great work sussman!

I can’t wait to play the games. By the way, if you go to right now, you’ll see something neat.

Yeah, I added the ifwiki page. Someone else added the IFDB one, I guess. Woo!