New Game "1337" Released

1337: A Game Novel is my new interactive serial novel. I use Facebook App functionality to integrate a player’s personal information into the storyline and I employ RSS feeds to dynamically incorporate current events. Pretty neat stuff, I think.

The story: an elite group of ubernerd gamers (your Facebook friends) are beta-testing an MMORPG called 1337. As the game unfolds, it begins to redefine traditional game elements of risk, agency, collaboration, and reward.

Rather thank thinking of this as a straightforward IF, I’m trying to do something new with the traditional novel by incorporating IF elements. Don’t expect all the “LOOK, EXAMINE, TOUCH” stuff, but do expect a few new twists.

To watch the game trailer:

To play:

To visit my website:

Thanks for reading!

social IF… I knew that day was upon us. :laughing:

can’t be worse than FarmVille, I guess. I’m not on Facebook, though. I’m still expecting the social network for anti-social guys…

I thought that was the Internet though… :wink:

Looks interesting Mark, if I ever get on Facebook I’ll try it out. Is there a ‘gameplay’ video too?

That’s a good idea. I think I just might get around to making one. Any suggestions/requests?