New Extension for Adv3Lite (EventListItem)

A while back, John Ziegler sent me some adv3 code he’d written for possible adaptation for an adv3Lite extension. Over the last few days he and I have been collaborating on getting it to a point where it can be released for other people to try out.

The new extension is called EventListItem; it implements a new class of the same name. At a first approximation, an EventListItem combines the functionanlity of AgendaItems and EventList. An EventListItem can be included amongst other items in an EventList, but will only be used when its isReady condition is true, and will cease to be used once its isDone condition becomes true. It can be defined to become isDone after being used a certain number of uses, and a minimum interval can be set between successive uses of any given EventListItem. EventListItems can be used with any class of EventList, but are probably most useful in conjunction with ShuffledEventLists.

The extension can thus be used to enable various kinds of EventLists (e.g., ShuffledEventLists displaying atmospheric messages, NPC’s fidget messages, or DefaultTopic responses) to display some of their entries only when appropriate (in response to some condition becoming true).

The extension has been uploaded to the adv3Lite GitHub repo, but is probably most easily downloaded from Dropbox, where all the necessary files (including the documentation) have been packaged into a single zip file. which also contains instructions for where to install the various files.

The extension will be included with the next version of adv3Lite, but since it may be a while until that’s released, I thought I’d make this new extension available right away for people to try out (and provide feedback on). As an added incentive to download it and give it a go, the zip file also contains an update version of thing.t, which fixes the lock-and-key bug recently reported in the version 1.6 release thread.


Thanks for the work, Eric!

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