New Contest: Tap Twine Mobile Horror Jam ($200 prize!)

Tap is an app that is bringing Twine stories to a mobile platform and to celebrate we’re launching a jam in one of our readers’ favourite genres: horror!

You can enter the Tap Twine Mobile Horror Game Jam at for a chance to win a $200 prize - and all entries will be eligible for publication to Tap (see our FAQ for more details!)


  1. All entries must be made using our mobile-ready template available here:

  2. The template has auto-save built in and is optimized for mobile upload

  3. There are two versions: one with built-in Twine tutorials and one without (either is fine for the Jam)

  4. Users must have a PayPal account to be eligible to win the cash prize.

  5. Entries must adhere to Tap’s content guidelines and regulations available here.


  • Is every entry being published to mobile?
    • We’ll publish every eligible story to Tap - some features don’t work on mobile so we won’t be able to publish all of them, but we’ll try! For information on how to make your story mobile-optimized, check out our full Twine FAQ
  • If my story is published, does Tap own it?
    • No! You retain all IP, we just want to bring it to mobile and expose your story to more readers.
  • What is Tap?
    • Tap is a home for interactive fiction of all kinds, from Chat Fiction to Twine stories. We recently added Twine functionality to the app and want to add more great stories for our readers to enjoy - so we’re running a Jam!
  • Are you profiting off my story?
    • No, Twine content on Tap is free to all users on iOS and Android! We do have some premium options in other formats, but Twine is free.
  • What if I don’t want my story published to mobile?
    • If you would like to participate in the Jam but don’t want your story published to mobile, please enter ‘No’ under the ‘Would you like to submit your story to be published on Tap?’ field.

Are there any judging criteria for the competition, (other than following the basic submission rules)? Will the winner be just whatever game you or the Tap team like the best personally? That best fits the theme (horror)?


Hi Joey!

The games will be judged on how they tackle the horror theme, how they play with the format (choice structure, etc), and overall impact (how memorable was the story, how engaging were the characters, the experience, etc). Those three scores will form a total score for the game, which will be scored by each member of the Tap content team - from there, the game with the highest score overall will be declared the winner!

Thanks for the insightful question!