New Comp Authors, Please ID Yourselves Here!

Hello @AmandaB,

My name is JG and my entry is The Last Christmas Present. This is my first ever game. I’m looking forward to any and all feedback!


Hi there. I’m Phil and Crash is my first comp entry and indeed the first game I’ve ever completed since I started dreaming about writing games after playing ADVENT in 1980. Nervously biting my nails waiting for the first bug report. :sweat_smile:


I dipped my big toe into the world of Arborea yesterday to test the waters. I feel I will be a happy little swimmer in your world once I truly dive in.

(Third on my playlist, barring sudden changes of appetite.)


Started playing for real this morning. I like what I’ve seen so far.


Hi I’m Ru, my pen name is Caliban’s Revenge (@s_caliban on twitter and Caliban Isrisen on facebook).

I wrote “Lucid” in Twine, which is a surreal adventure exploring a south-london like city scape at night. I wanted it to be a kind of interactive poetry about coming to terms with trauma. Hopefully that’s fun for some people?

I used to write adventure games in basic when I was a kid, but this is my first time attempting something like this in a very long time and my first ever time entering something for a video game competition. Very excited to play everyone’s games :slight_smile:


This was super helpful for noobs, thankyou.


Yes, a lot of players players check each game quickly to see which ones will run online when figuring what they want to play. And I’m a notorious hummingbird and will open all the entries just cause I want to evaluate the opening text with no intention of playing yet.


Thanks for writing this. I had just looked at my transcript page and was dismayed.


Did you know that hummingbirds are war-like jerks? We have a plague of them that my husband insists on feeding, and I have to bat them away like flies, because they will get aggro with me when I’m too close to their feeders. They attack each other viciously, they attack me, and they fly around the house in the morning looking in the windows for my husband if he doesn’t get up early enough for them to put their feeders out, yelling and complaining. So they’re little stalkers, too. The Autumn crowd that just arrived are particularly bad-tempered.

So this makes me picture you buzzing angrily through the opening text of each game and shouting “Pip! Pip!” in a threatening manner while pecking anybody near you.

And not to derail my thread, I’ll announce that I just started @jnelson 's game, and I’m immersed.



I am the author of “One Way Ticket”, a surrealistic text-based quest about train passenger that got stuck in a mysterious town. This is my first time to take part in IFComp (both as author and player), so I’m looking forward to such a great experience!

Vitalii Blinov


And your post has me imagining you getting up in the morning, grabbing a flyswatter the size of a badminton racket, muttering “It’s on, bitches…” under your breath and running outside batting small birds to the ground while your robe is flapping around your legs.




I authored The Princess of Vestria, about a princess who cuts her hair, disguises herself as a boy and sneaks out of the palace to go on a quest across the kingdom to save her brother’s life.



Hey! I think I’m late to this thread but I’m Sangita! This is my first IFComp - I submitted INK and U.S. Route 160. I’m still learning so both games are a bit of mad science. Excited to be here!

I’m running a little low on blood so I just signed with red food coloring. Hope that works!


I, too, am late to this party. But I brought a case of La Croix, in case anyone’s thirsty after all that blood signing.

Nice to meet y’all! I’m Geoffrey, a narrative designer and game writer from LA. This is my first year participating in IFComp and I designed Use Your Psychic Powers at Applebee’s.


Geoffrey, I loved your narrascope talk this year, and didn’t connect the dots that you’d entered a game until I saw your avatar here. I can’t wait to play it!

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Thank you, Brad! So glad you enjoyed the talk. I recommend playing my Applebee’s game with an order of deep fried, nacho cheese-injected beef poppers. Yummo!

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Helloooooo hi from the soon-to-be-frozen Canadian wastelands! First time IFcomp-author here, but I’ve been playing around with Twine and Ink for years along with a little freelance writing/narrative design.

I did Prism: A Tale of Heterogenous Futures. Its description is long enough, so here’s the short version: feel some feelings in a city of precarious opportunity. Mirror’s Edge meets discount-Disco Elysium, ideally with a little more optimism?

Had some good fun with the entries I’ve checked out so far, really going to try to read and review the majority before the end!

oh gosh i think i may have picked up a hooting crane instead, hope that doesn’t throw off the balance of your soon-to-be Crane Choirrrrr


Delivery Address: Comp Records, 23rd Cave of Lonely Mountain Middle Earth

Dear AmandaB,

I’m Younès, first time contestant at IFComp, along with my creative partner Yazaleea. Our entry for this year is « Cannelé & Nomnom - Defective Agency », with the following blurb:


Set foot in Falaisant, an enigmatic city full of magic and mysteries. You are an amnesiac individual who, in a desperate attempt to find out who you are, hires the only agency willing to take the case. There’s only one issue: They. Are. Catastrophic.

Follow Cannelé and Nomnom, a duo of disastrous detectives on their chaotic investigation to solve those three mysteries: 1. Who are you? 2. What’s your magical ability? And 3. Who erased your memories?

> Play here <

We hope you’ll have a great time, if you get to play it.

PS: As asked, you’ll find attached to this letter a vial of blood. It is not mine, but Yazaleea’s and I will not detail the method by which I obtained it.

PPS: If you receive a letter in the following days about returning a whooping crane allegedly “kidnapped” from a zoo, please ignore it.


Apologies for hijacking this thread, but it would seem some of you new comp authors are French or French-speaking.

Did you know there’s a (quite small but) healthy and friendly French IF community, with its own annual comp and everything? We do accept cranes (although we prefer ones that are native to Europe), but passing by our Discord is fine too.

(Fittingly enough, cranes are called “grues” is French.)

You may now return to discussing IFComp. Merci beaucoup.


Hey, my name’s Ira and it’s my first time participating in If Comp. My entry is Inside I hope you’ll enjoy it!